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A white paper is most commonly described as a cross between an article and a sales brochure. A white paper provides the reader with both educational value and targeted persuasive communications.

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pdf 10 Top Reasons to Use a White Paper
Use this report to review highlights on how to make your white paper create a case compelling enough to convince your clients to purchase from your organization.
pdf About White Papers: Their Purpose and Content
Use this flyer to learn how a white paper can persuade and convert buyers.
pdf Who Is Best Qualified to Write a White Paper?
Use this flyer to identify the top ten qualifications of a white paper writer.
pdf How to Use Your White Paper to Gain Customers
Use this flyer to discover ways to attract, inform and convert buyers with white papers.
pdf Which Will Serve Your Customers Better? A White Paper or a Case Study?
Use this flyer to determine which of these two communication tools will  serve you better.
  Sample White Papers

Drive Business Success Through Improved Employee Engagement

To learn more about the impact employee engagement has on the business success of your organization and about what measures your organization can take to improve employee satisfaction levels, read " Drive Business Success Through Improved Employee Engagement," a Kore Access white paper.

Outsourcing to Succeed in Any Economy

To learn more about how to create a successful outsourcing plan, and about how to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage not easily duplicated by others, read " Outsourcing to Succeed in Any Economy," a Kore Access white paper.


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