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Gain marketing management insights with free resources from Kore Access. Read, download and work with our resources to plan and to implement improved marketing initiatives. Share resources with team members and colleagues via hotlinks. Feel free to include information from Kore Access publications, in whole or in part, in your own marketing materials ? with proper attribution. Call or e-mail Kore Access to receive permission to use copyrighted materials from Kore Access, Incorporated.


Kore Access articles range in approach from best practices to
how-to and are formatted for ease of reading and for clarity. Topics center on current issues in marketing and management and on market trends. Click here to read articles.

Case Studies

A case study analyzes an organization similar to the reader?s organization and describes how it benefited through the implementation of the preferred product or solution. Click here to access our checklists..

Work with our easy-to-use checklists to: 1) assess your current business systems and programs, 2) remind you of actions to be performed in a detailed process and 3) apply criteria and standards to plan and to execute a solution. Click here to access our checklists.

In order to gain valuable marketing insights and to follow current marketing trends, sign up for Marketing Mindset, a FREE electronic newsletter. Published monthly, Marketing Mindset, provides you with simple to implement action items to improve your marketing outcomes. Click here to sign up – and to read back issues.

Tip Sheets
Tip sheets outline the latest marketing information and offer short and to-the-point insights, how-tos and best practices. Topics focus on marketing, management and market trends. Click here to access our tip sheets.

Work with our easy-to-complete worksheets to: 1) assess current marketing strategies and tactics, 2) outline those ideas and insights into a particular plan for your own business and
3) evaluate the preliminary steps needed to incorporate the new strategy. Click here to access our worksheets.

White Papers
A white paper provides the reader with both educational value and targeted persuasive communications about a particular service, process, business or subject area. Click here to learn more about white papers.


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