Privacy Statement:  As professionals who build our business one relationship at a time and who count on your trust to operate our business, we, at Kore Access, will never rent, sell or otherwise reveal your e-mail address, other contact information or private business information and materials to other organizations or individuals for commercial purposes. We limit our sharing of information to parties that partner with us to deliver a project for you.

Spam Policy:  As reputable marketers we are opposed to spam, which is defined as the unauthorized delivery of e-mail messages to potential customers.

To understand how Kore Access manages your personal information, please read the following clarifications and explanations. If you have any concerns or questions, please send an e-mail message to

Collection of Personal Information:  Kore Access only collects personal information of clients when that information is provided by clients or users. The information is collected when Web site visitors call us, send us an e-mail message or mail information to us. The information is then saved and utilized to provide various services or products (e.g., the Free Informational Kits).

The amount of information provided by the client is optional and varies to the extent the client wishes to share that information in order to receive assistance.

Personal information is defined as any combination of the following:  1) first and last name, 2) company name, 3) e-mail address and 4) phone number.

Information Sharing:  Kore Access does not reveal, rent or sell your personal information to other organizations or individuals unless they are partners for the purpose of providing you a pre-authorized service or product.

Information Usage:  Personal information collected by Kore Access is used primarily for the following purpose: to deliver to you the information, the service and/or the finished project that you requested. As well, we might use your information for the following:

  • to communicate information, including promotions, you have expressed an interest in receiving
  • to notify you of new Kore Access services and information that, during our course of doing business with you, we believe, in good faith, would benefit you and your customers
  • to share internally and with third party suppliers such information as is needed to complete your project, to conduct client satisfaction reviews, to analyze project management procedures and to conduct other related organizational performance programs
  • to contact you in order to ensure your satisfaction with a delivered project, to hear your feedback and to obtain any other feedback you wish to share

Changes to Privacy Statement and Spam Policy:  If and when we offer new services or products that affect this policy, Kore Access will update its Privacy Statement and Spam Policy. Updates will be posted on the privacy and spam policy page of our Web site.

Legal Disclaimer:  In keeping with our Code of Conduct, Kore Access may disclose personal information:

  • to meet or to conform to any legal requirement or edict
  • to comply with any required bookkeeping or accounting process
  • to provide information to a third party when such provision is necessary to complete a client’s project




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