• Rates are quoted by the project. Project additions are quoted per page.
  • Individual quotes depend on project scope, breadth and depth, turnaround time and other project requirements such as research and number of interviews.
  • All quotes include as many as two sets of revisions to be scheduled within the first thirty days after delivery of final project. Revisions outside of original project scope, or any additional revisions, will be charged by the hour or as negotiated.

Quoted Fees Include:

  • Review of relevant materials: Such materials include organizational history or annual report, competitor’s marketing strategies, industry standards, etc.
  • Any routine research, meetings, and interviews: Additional or exceptional requirements (e.g., travel for special meetings or interviews) will be billed at cost.
  • All copywriting or copyediting work: Such work includes outlines, first and second drafts and final project.
  • All minor expenses: Such expenses include postage, courier fees, and long distance phone calls.
  • Two revisions: All copy revisions must be assigned within thirty days of delivery of final project. Revisions are included in fee unless the revisions are based on a change in the approved outline.




Kill Fees

  • If project, as agreed upon, is postponed or terminated for any reason during any stage of the development, Kore Access is entitled to full payment of all hours invested up to that point, plus any expenses incurred. Upon payment, Kore Access will deliver all project information created or compiled to that point.

Rush Fees

  • Rush fees may be charged at the rate of at least 25% of total project cost. Also, for projects assigned on Thursday/Friday and due on Monday/Tuesday, fees may be charged at the rate of at least 50% of total project cost.


  • Fees for projects two weeks and under are billed upon delivery. Fees for projects of three weeks or longer are payable at 50% in advance with remainder billed upon delivery. The date that the initial payment is received determines the project scheduling.
  • A balance due statement is sent one week after final project is delivered. Invoices are sent via e-mail unless otherwise requested. Checks should be made payable to Kore Access, Incorporated. Wire transfers are also acceptable.


  • Copyright transfers to the client upon receipt of payment in full.





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