Maria Olga Pinochet is the Founder and President of Kore Access, Incorporated. Since her years as a teenager, when she started an administrative support services business for small businesses, she has spent her career as a business owner or partner. On a daily basis, she is never far from her professional passion for marketing as she performs the roles of senior marketing communications writer and marketing strategist for Kore Access. She is able, with ease, to formulate comprehensive and persuasive arguments from both quantitative and qualitative data. Her multicultural background gives her an aptitude to connect and to communicate with a variety of target audiences.

Maria personally manages the delivery of exceptional value by shaping, for each client, a solution that addresses a pressing market challenge and/or accomplishes a key business goal. She ensures success by designing client projects that expertly coordinate and make use of the talent of the dynamic virtual network of senior level professionals at Kore Access. She counts herself fortunate to work with professionals of such high caliber, professionals who share her passion for quality and who add immeasurably to Kore's culture of appreciation, collaboration and co-creation.

Prior to founding Kore Access, Maria cultivated broad business and cultural experience in marketing management and sales through work in the United States, Latin America and Europe. As a result, she has led and participated in the planning, development, integration and implementation of numerous multifaceted marketing campaigns. She also has had key responsibilities in the following marketing areas: the identification of a value proposition and niche, the creation of a brand identity and the development of strategic alliances. In addition, she has participated in the planning and writing of collateral marketing materials for various products and services.

Maria is an honors graduate of the University North Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Business with an emphasis in Marketing Management. In addition, she earned her Master of Business Administration from the University of Oklahoma. Maria shares her experience and knowledge through mentorship and through service on professional and not-for-profit boards. She is especially proud of her appointment to the distinguished Advisory Board of Ethical Markets Media. Founded by Hazel Henderson, a world renowned futurist, author and consultant on sustainable development, Ethical Markets is dedicated to providing models for profitable sustainability practices.

Maria calls Pensacola, Florida home. However, she travels often to her favorite places within the United States and abroad. She is just as likely to respond to your e-mail from a temporaty office location, usually a Starbucks, as she is from her home office. She enjoys water sports and counts kayaking as one of her favorite weekend activities. Recently she has learned to surf and to paddleboard. Maria's favorite de-stressing activities include taking a run through the woods and lifting weights. For fun she takes long trips filled with adventure and discovery.

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