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A case study is most commonly described as a cross between an article and a testimonial. A case study analyzes an organization similar to the reader's organization and describes how it benefited through the implementation of the preferred product or solution.

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pdf 8 Reasons to Use a Case Study
Use this report to review highlights on how to use your case study to convert prospects into customers.
pdf About Case Studies: Their Purpose and Content
Use this flyer to examine the ways a case study can communicate your company's values and benefits.
pdf How to Use Your Case Study to Win Core Customers
Use this flyer to give marketing and sales staff ideas on how to use case studies to sell.
pdf The Business Benefits of a Case Study
Use this flyer to identify ways to establish rapport with buyers.
pdf Which Will Serve Your Customers Better? A White Paper or a Case Study?
Use this flyer to determine which of these two communication tools will serve you better.


Sample Case Studies

How to Influence the Purchasing Habits of Online Moms

To learn more about how your company can partner with online moms to provide an effective way to win new users for your products and to provide usage feedback, read "How to Influence the Purchasing Habits of Online Moms," a Kore Access case study.

Performance Management Is Key to Thriving in Tough Times

To learn more about how Jack Welch, along with his top General Electric Company executives, dealt with and overcame the same management issues that confront all organizations, large and small, read "Performance Management Is Key to Thriving in Tough Times," a Kore Access case study.


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