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Kore Access articles range in approach from best practices to how-to articles and are formatted for ease of reading and for clarity.
Topics center on current issues in both marketing and management and on market trends.

Articles Published Online:
Is Your Advertising More than Just a Green "Slice of Life"?
Advertising that appeals to our basest instincts can’t be green. Published, January 2nd, 2012, by the Corporate Social Responsible (CSR) Business Wire, a source for sustainability news.
A Brief Overview of Why You May Not Be Able to Resist Advertising with Children and Puppies" gives insight into the current state of advertising by stressing the importance of ethical advertising. Published September 28th, 2011, by Ethical Markets Media, LLC, a source for business ethics news and best practices in the green economy.
"Consumer Demand: Driving the Green Transition" explores the sectors that drive the Green Economy. Published April 4th, 2011, by the Corporate Social Responsible (CSR) Business Wire, a source for sustainability news.
Articles Downloadable as PDF:
Blog Your Way to Higher Visibility
Develop a blog strategy that addresses the 3 C?s: Content, Communication and Conversation. As a result, you and your business will gain higher visibility as you influence opinion leaders, network with other bloggers and earn free PR.

Establishing Credibility: The 3 C's to Pursue
Learn more about communicating the characteristics that build, earn and maintain credibility in the marketplace and about avoiding the attributes that negatively influence credibility rankings.

Customer Management  
Evaluating Your Best and Worst Core Customer Stories
Learn to make the most of the 20% of your customers who generate 80% of your revenue and to decrease any negative influence of those who bring in less.

E-mail Marketing  
Managing E-mail as a Revenue-generating Tool
Prepare for the increase in your business e-mail volume by creating an efficient management system for e-mail correspondence before it becomes necessary.

Green Marketing  
How to Green Your Documents
Adopt simple-to-implement ideas to maximize your use of electronic documents and to reduce printing costs at the same time you save trees. If you must print, follow valuable tips that will let you print green.

Four Simple Steps to Successful Outsourcing
Examine the four simple steps that will provide managers the ability to focus on organizational core competencies. Learn how to develop the successful outsourcing initiatives that allow companies to take advantage of economies of scale, to accomplish growth goals, or to achieve a myriad of other objectives.

Marketing Materials  
How to Repurpose Your Core Content
Follow this two-step strategy to quickly and easily put together collateral marketing materials that satisfy, in content breadth, scope, length, style and tone, all your customers? expectations.

Thought Leadership  
Writing to Build Thought Leadership
Make effective use of your online and offline media to build yourself as a thought leader, one of the go-to thinkers who can provide original insight and organize information into actionable knowledge.


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